Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Take Me as I Am

of Maxwell Clark

As if, if you will, as it were, further,
And furthermore, however, because, howevermuch, and moreover,
Yet, and still, although, really, until,
In actuality, it seems, as it will,
Very much, forsooth, plus, additionally, being so,
As it is, is it not, undoubtedly, as you know,
Rest assured, in end, so to begin, it being said,
See the above, to continue, and so on, instead,
Of, what follows, thus is, we,
My sense of, as they say, eventually,
When, your majesty, forever, yours,
Care of, ever again, in so many words,
Put otherwise,
In their eyes,
Without, wherefrom, within, the,
Around that time, this is about, verily, verily.

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