Monday, March 30, 2015

Legal Briefing for Kenneth Goldsmith

by Devlin Grunloh and Maxwell Clark

"Verily, I swear, tis better to be lowly born, 
and range with humble livers in content, 
than to be perk'd up in a glistrning grief 
and wear and a crown of golden sorrow."
---Shakespeare, Henry VIII, Act. 2, Scene 3

Kenneth Goldsmith's (Kenny G's) genius is not appreciable on an otherwise than secure legal footing.

Matters of public record cannot de jure be subject to racial profiling.

Despite the de facto racism of any state autopsy report, merely performing a reading of them does not implicate the reader of its same racism.

Kenny G did not write Michael Brown's autopsy report, he read it, out loud. If reading the report itself implicates the reader in its racism then everyone who reads it is also a racist.

Authorities are unique and singular, are individuated, and are in every sense separate and apart in responsibility for the texts they create. K-Gizzle did not author Michael Brown's autopsy report, therefore he is not guilty of any racism it may or may not contain.