Saturday, May 28, 2016

2 poems of Maxwell Clark

Zen Behaviorism

Armored is but me am too.
Presidential acid.
Calumnies looking of the goodness.
Please not more help awash.
Twinkling tortoises glow mighty the shallows.
How is why anonymous?
Chivalric absolutism remains the One.
Troubles got the amen.
Pretty pain, such as the origami.
Twister the hot spittle.
Witchery a day.
Death gives interest.
Monkeys being squirrels.
Keep down the newness.
Therapeutic skills ardor.
Anomalous lazy sticks persons.
Did you do so presently?
Thanks for justice pillows napping.
I reign underwater in the sky,
Don't go anymore than this.

Potential Victory for Winners

The salad.
This is a school.
Many aspects to it.
Eat theirs first.
Moon is invisible.
Little persons go to it.
The castle of rocks.
Return the dragons.
And this again.
Reduction of obstacles improves.
Have a merry timespace.
Insights never work out.
To be or too being?
Doubles the bag.
Stars are somwhere.

Nothing Else to Do

of Maxwell Clark

Listen to you.
Many have done so already since long time.
Washes of pain coalesce painfully.
Movement of the pieces realign this.
Snake attacks with fangs.
Mumble and murmur and die.

Then go into the river of death.
That is where you will find it.
Majestic is it so this way.

Envelopes are sorrowful now.
Magic tricks are stupid.
But then again.
Millions heroic.
I just have this to do again.

Ring the bells of morbidity.
The scan says I am hurt bad.
I am hurt so bad.

Help the millions heroic please.
People just do their ways.
Mountains are sandy.
Never forever again.

The farm equipment is great.

Grasses are like themselves.
So much is in the beginnings.
Loops unravel salty.
I can’t read that much anymore.

I bank on my face.
Furrows are deeply into here.
Population is a factor.

Just go to over there.
Swords of mightiness.
Windows have certain qualities.
Dance like sadness.

Practice hard and harder.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Restless Folly of Hypertropism

of Maxwell Clark

                                                                                                There is no inside
                                                                                                That is not a prison
                                                                                                Of external walls.

Meek receiver of surrounding implicits.
Teardrops in wind of general infamy.
Ambiguous is maybe anything sometimes.
Not unworthy but bashful because bashed.
Somehow this place is like this herein.
Never tease your younger brother ever please.
Tongue hurts of metabolic overdrive still.
Vocalists have uniquely cherished anomalies.
Slung high on the stoop is that crack vampire.
Symphonia rip-off desaturation melodrama.
Fake friends are worse than never known.
Blue coffee house is so indifferent in mediocracy.
It’s been timeless returning to the same.
Cover version is inferior but shameless ambitious.
Coffee house music is how mediocrity holds.
Sunshine irony heals impotence too little.
Making words new is how to storm heaven.
Brass sections so antiquarian patinated.
The end of dance is orgy.

Pretty car death torture murder terror genocide.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Alone Being Difficult Is

 of Maxwell Clark

How to do this but this way.
Look at the ground and sky.
Pleasing is as simple fun.
Returning to the last exits.
Little coverings under.
Masks have the flavor.
Such imports from here again.
Heartache so bad.
Imploring rabbits destiny.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


of Maxwell Clark

There are shapes to it.
This is how.
Much doing about it.
Multiple of them.
Back going downward.

Then this.
It becomes this.
Many of them.
People have it.

That is difficult.
Please excuse.

Swarming they.
So easy.

Xenophobia is about.
Then this meant itself.
Please more not.
Shimmery fairies.
Lights in the dark.

And goes it still.
Kilometers going on.
Walk like this.
One thousand is enough.

Flying midrange.
Wasps away.
Numbers inside.

So easy.
Not to do this.
Sad of her.
Blip blip.

Ghosts have faces.
That is rad.
Machines do work.
Please easy.
Moments of good.
Times of sorrow.
Walking again.

Colors nowhere.
Gangs dilate.
Walking easy.

Written for this.
Opening this.
This is demon not.
Rotten hands.

Strange disgusting.
Power dominion.

Update flush.
Was it now.
Tree beards.

Popcorn evil.
Knobs unlatch.
Musical hatred.

Hotels linger.
Homelessness beckons.

Hands of return.
Mills of pleasure.
Drugs away.

Past history.
Present here present.
Dilapidated hovels.
Suffering miseries.
Death in jail.

Questions vehicle.
Multiple rots.
Visual didactic.
Purloined shark.

Better than.
Genitalia doom.
Gallop wasp.