Saturday, May 21, 2016

Restless Folly of Hypertropism

of Maxwell Clark

                                                                                                There is no inside
                                                                                                That is not a prison
                                                                                                Of external walls.

Meek receiver of surrounding implicits.
Teardrops in wind of general infamy.
Ambiguous is maybe anything sometimes.
Not unworthy but bashful because bashed.
Somehow this place is like this herein.
Never tease your younger brother ever please.
Tongue hurts of metabolic overdrive still.
Vocalists have uniquely cherished anomalies.
Slung high on the stoop is that crack vampire.
Symphonia rip-off desaturation melodrama.
Fake friends are worse than never known.
Blue coffee house is so indifferent in mediocracy.
It’s been timeless returning to the same.
Cover version is inferior but shameless ambitious.
Coffee house music is how mediocrity holds.
Sunshine irony heals impotence too little.
Making words new is how to storm heaven.
Brass sections so antiquarian patinated.
The end of dance is orgy.

Pretty car death torture murder terror genocide.

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