Saturday, May 28, 2016

2 poems of Maxwell Clark

Zen Behaviorism

Armored is but me am too.
Presidential acid.
Calumnies looking of the goodness.
Please not more help awash.
Twinkling tortoises glow mighty the shallows.
How is why anonymous?
Chivalric absolutism remains the One.
Troubles got the amen.
Pretty pain, such as the origami.
Twister the hot spittle.
Witchery a day.
Death gives interest.
Monkeys being squirrels.
Keep down the newness.
Therapeutic skills ardor.
Anomalous lazy sticks persons.
Did you do so presently?
Thanks for justice pillows napping.
I reign underwater in the sky,
Don't go anymore than this.

Potential Victory for Winners

The salad.
This is a school.
Many aspects to it.
Eat theirs first.
Moon is invisible.
Little persons go to it.
The castle of rocks.
Return the dragons.
And this again.
Reduction of obstacles improves.
Have a merry timespace.
Insights never work out.
To be or too being?
Doubles the bag.
Stars are somwhere.


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