Saturday, May 28, 2016

Nothing Else to Do

of Maxwell Clark

Listen to you.
Many have done so already since long time.
Washes of pain coalesce painfully.
Movement of the pieces realign this.
Snake attacks with fangs.
Mumble and murmur and die.

Then go into the river of death.
That is where you will find it.
Majestic is it so this way.

Envelopes are sorrowful now.
Magic tricks are stupid.
But then again.
Millions heroic.
I just have this to do again.

Ring the bells of morbidity.
The scan says I am hurt bad.
I am hurt so bad.

Help the millions heroic please.
People just do their ways.
Mountains are sandy.
Never forever again.

The farm equipment is great.

Grasses are like themselves.
So much is in the beginnings.
Loops unravel salty.
I can’t read that much anymore.

I bank on my face.
Furrows are deeply into here.
Population is a factor.

Just go to over there.
Swords of mightiness.
Windows have certain qualities.
Dance like sadness.

Practice hard and harder.

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