Friday, May 1, 2015

Drones as the Tissues of It

of Maxwell Clark

(((of CA Conrad's Facebook wall.... ok???)))

Math is felt as timeless urgency;
Or has a unique
But regular sense, or lawful

Math is, or begins, in prosody,
In the regularities of everyday poetic signifiers
Themselves, apart their

Math is of the prosodic unit, of the One
Meter of many discourses, that unifies
Poems into a Law.

Math is the Law of Poetry, as Poetry
Is the Law of Creation.

Math is the teaching of Poetry
Itself, as Poetry
Teaches Creation itself.

Math is done to order Poetry, as
Poetry legislates Creation.

Math is of Poetry, and
Only thus of Creation as well.

Math is the order of Poetry
(Thus also Creation); if only
As much as Creation orders Poetry
and Poetry then orders Math.

Math is the science of Poetry, not Creation
Itself---i.e., Math is not Poetry (nor the
Science of Creation).

Math is, if further removed from Creation
Than Poetry, also the more
Critical science of Creation (qua Poetry)
For this remove (...perhaps).

Math is sovereign over the Poetry
That gave it birth; but Math influences
Creation itself only through its ordering
Of Poetry.

Math is the intensification, or compaction,
Of Poetry, as Poetry is of Creation.

Math is
Its Mathematicians, who alone are sovereigns
Over the Poets they mimic;---as
Poets alone reign over the Creation
They merely condense.

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