Thursday, August 22, 2013


-after K. Goldsmith

Pull the body in, extend. Look directly to
The front.
Don’t shake the body leftward and
With the back keeping straight.
Block both hands levelly
In front of the body.
Punch forward with the right hand.
Hold the left fist,
And put it on the joint of the right arm.
Look directly to the front.
It is called Seven-star in T-stance.
In order to make you understand easier,
We practice in the
In a moving coherent movement,
Which is called Hold Hands and Shrink
Body in T-stance.
Next we will demonstrate and explain
The another foot technique—
The left foot takes a step to the right.
Put it on the upper front of the right
Squat down.
 With the back straight.
Now let’s demonstrate completely
Next we will begin to demonstrate and explain

We would
Provide you with brief demonstration
Hold the fists beside the waist.
Snap the leg levelly forward.
Both legs practice in turns.
The manners of a snap kick and heel kick
Are the same.
But kick and snap are also quite

There are various of forms
In the Heel Kick.
While practicing,
You should not kick over the waist.
Other wushu schools in the society
May require that
You should kick over the head
Or even higher.
Now, we will practice
According to Shaolin’s leg technique.
Front Kick

Next we will demonstrate and explain
It requires both hands to
swing it back and forth.
This movement is called Twine and Wrap
Around Head.
While kicking to the left,
That means after the Twine and Wrap
Around Head on the right,
Turn the head left.
Kick at the same time.

Complete demonstration

Complete demonstration

If you kick high enough,
You can kick up to the bottom of the ears.
Let’s practice from the first step
That is to kick to the position of the waist
The Inside Kick.
()                             Inside Kick.
If you want to kick the right leg, move
The left leg first.
Stretch the left leg outward,
Then kick the right leg in an arc
From right to outward, then to inward.
Slap the right hand with the right foot.
It does not mean to slap the instep with
The right hand,
But to slap the right hand with right
Now let’s demonstrate completely

It begins with the preparing form
Block both arms outwards
With the height equal to the shoulders.
While kicking the right leg,
The right leg kick in an arc
From the left upward, then to
Downward, and the right.
Then slap the right hand with the right

15. Jump and Slap Foot

If you have never practiced
Jump and Slap Foot before,
You will feel daze when you watch me
Perform it,
And you don’t know where to start and
But actually, it is very simple.
If you divide it into step-by-step
It takes two and a half steps,
To finish the Jump and Slap Food.
We would first kick the right leg in

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