Friday, September 6, 2013

Life Can Be so Sweet

Under the underway I above lift, outwards
Into the outway, inwardly,
Until it is so, then it is
So that it is.

Life can be so sweet, awwwwww.
It is so up into downway slurred, sloshed,
diagonaled, many ways, all not one,
until it is so, that the dragon is the sun.

Why ask when it is now so?
This is what is to be known, nothing more.

Truly, the fool is due, the fool is true.

Oh, you, silly me, I’d not forgotten backways
Of your emergencing always, through frontwards
displays of dominance, today, today, hooray!
Hooray you! You are true, you are known,
as you already knew, yes, you!

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