Thursday, August 22, 2013

If Influence were Health

                                                    “Influence is Influenza—an astral disease.
                                                      If influence were health, who could write a poem? Health is stasis.
                                                     Schizophrenia is bad poetry, for the schizophrenic has lost the strength of perverse,                                                              wilful, misprision.”
                                                                                –Harold Bloom

Poor Bloom. He got himself all twisted around in this quote. Let us help him!
Influence is a psychic disease, and the psychotic alone is the most perverse and wilful in her misprision. To imagine a schizophrenic who was not perverse and wilful in her misprisions is to imagine a normal person. That is, Bloom calls schizophrenia “bad poetry” only insofar as it said to lack what most defines itself: misprision. Bloomian misprision is a type of schizophrenia. The truly Bloomian reader of poetry is a schizophrenic, except for the above quoted disavowal. Bloomian criticism is schizophrenic, insofar as it misreads the text of cognition.  Misprision of life is schizophrenia. Schizophrenics lack nothing in perversity, or will, or misprision. A truly rigorous schizophrenic, or mispriser, such as myself, was only needed to expose this.

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