Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Come up heavier lowly juked.
I preen awfully.

I want only words on the page, that's why I included this picture, because it makes no sense to me either, and that's what's most important -- the disease. A picture of a diseased bull is a pretty stupid thing to me, like stupid fresh, and patois is so diseased to me, like your other mother. You can't ever know anything either, there, I finally figured it all out, so why are you all knowing this? I wash it with my urine. I am looking at the picture and it says to me nothing at all, because I wasn't really paying attention to it, and really just want to write and not have pictures appear on this surface. Pictures once made fun of me in elementary school, you see. Actually I'm a dumbshit painter myself, I paint a lot like Basquiat actually, and when I paint, I call my brushstrokes "acts", and my color theory "juking". Notice the frame, or whatever those wood-like pieces are, framing Basquiat's picture, which it is framed in, framely-like, they start from within the picture and jut out, which is obviously wrong and good and excelsior!!!

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