Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Power of Energy is Real to Me a Very Lot

of Maxwell Owen Clark

At last the power of energy is finally come to me for me to have.
This powerful energy is invincible in totally every way.
Nobody can believe it but it is too true.
I can run faster, jump higher!
You cannot defeat me.
I am playing silly for this poet guy who is watching us do this to him.
Did you know? The energy of power is equal to the dominion of heaven.
The energetic blasts of power I emit cause you to submit before me.
Did you know? Power is to have the energy of power because infinity.
How infinity goes is the power to energize my blasts.
Blast you! Blast you! Hey, I blasted you! Hey, hey, blasted you.


  1. Oh dear is the world
    wearing its blastfree suit again?
    Am I? am I?

    1. Neener-neener! haha.
      i'm sorry. i've been ironically pretending to be a real jerk. but there are, of course, wispy traces of sincerity in that ironism. a sincere but paradoxical self-revulsion in grandeur perhaps?

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