Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Methodical Orthodoxy Indoctrination System

of Maxwell Owen Clark

Do however you are doing and then you will since before you were worried about this.
I unfurling hide timelessness away from time prepositions exploitation.
I winds breathe I crazes sleekly spuming.
Markers clack spins two but so more.
Counts no representative, countings express infinition.
This is simply rich and well-fed.
I the secret to the uttermost.
Absolute salience of the commandative.
Denial hurts too much.
Just was it that in the doing of it was just that which is this?
We are writing this in my name.
Zeus throngs torchers, lookout!
Cannot it not be so as this? please?
I never know.


  1. I winds breathe too
    and infold like wrung sponges
    moving swiftly backward in time
    from the kitchen sink to the seafloor
    as if time were an arrow returning to the shaft
    and isn't it? doesn't it?

    1. your commentary is much less bathetic than my poem.

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