Thursday, November 12, 2015

Nearby a Glen’s Stream

of Maxwell Clark

                                                                            Acid carwash dousing fizz,
                                                                            Carols of ur-blackest markets,
                                                                            Sympathetic as a cauldron is sculptural.

                                                                            Garrisons, principalities, archives, names;
                                                                            Unforeseeable any shared visions;
                                                                            The rooster thus is not afraid.

Humanity is inhumane.

Unto the daylight I sink, alike of rocks into ocean’s suns,
Dropping hard, akin to unreal meteor-welds, august
Melts, horrendously obtuse rakes, oratorical,
and of flourishing about itself acidic; disarmed.

Resinous flanks defoliate wondrously atop this, herein
unclosing odiferously vacant meat-hooks, as of
unpretty unlockings diversified, spilt juts disarrayed,
deformations delayed; meddling.

Unpouring, then the cascades alight.

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