Thursday, July 30, 2015

I Need to Do Better

I am so sad now that she has hurt me somehow,
O viperess, venomous one, sunk so into me somehow,
Somehow her voice’s tambor alone shakes me,
Somehow I have failed her; but how?!

How have I turned her so? if so?
How has she become someone so too near?
I wish I were alone, but leaving her:
It would hurt me more.

And are the base materials off-balance?
Methinks she doth rate herself over highly.
Highly over me you at least played moral tyrant,
Or so doth me heart feeleth most, but please forgive it.

A vexatious Muse are thee,
Amused by rending my heart with heartless monotones;
But I will not leave thee, not yet,
For there is still hope you may learn a better eloquence.

I am poisoned in the wells of me with her,
Forgive this tuneless drivel she makes me feel,
My ugliness is hers now too,
A waterless desert suction beam-node.

1 comment:

  1. Nicely said, Max; I'm particularly fond of the confession: "I am poisoned in the wells of me with her.
    I may steal that line some day.