Wednesday, July 29, 2015

An Essay About Something

of Maxwell Clark

---Rothwell's Mary Shelley

What is an essay but a finding that only abruptly comes to an end?

                                                “These are not only gestures: they imply
                                                Complex relations with one another.”
                                                (J. Ashbery, ‘All Kinds of Caresses’, Houseboat Days)

Although I would not be anywhere else than here right now, so blessed am I, I am also somehow at a loss for how to accomplish this herein (now after) wherein I am myself.

In Summa: domination of the passions, not their weakening or extirpation!— The greater the dominating power of a will, the more freedom the passions may be allowed.”
(Nietzsche, The Will to Power)

I haven’t the dominance over my instincts to let them run rampant at this moment (now lost).

Nevermind. Anywho....

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