Saturday, June 24, 2017

2 poems

of Maxwell Owen Clark

O for a Closer Bond with God

I am souring sweetly
As a maze of winds.
It is right in front of me
But with nowhere to look in.
A whisperless agony enfolds my chest
Until it cracks me out along the spine
To this and nothing more.

What Little I Remember

Always homing in on first love.
Triangle swarm of the lazer castle.
Burning hands scare jawa.
Person speaking 12 languages at once is home.
Killer a-THC.
Beef stroganoff with rice noodle.
Seeing Mala w/ baby Paris.
Real guns have shoulder butts.
The infanta releases the #661645.
Telling the Queen Elizabeth ascension story.
She is never right around the corner.
Heroin contains heavy metals.
Playing Aladdin on rooftops.

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