Thursday, April 21, 2016

Infinitism is the Shining Path

of Maxwell Clark



Infinitism is always immediately otherwise than itself.

Infinitism is already otherwise than itself at the very same instant it ever is anything else. It is thus very difficult to define. Any such definition of Infinitism will merely remain itself after being written, but: "Infinitism is always immediately otherwise than itself." This already once just reiterated section (#1) being itself composed of a definition of Infinitism, and this one in fact the only one I have ever written---and which had already utterly transcended and exhausted itself (by itself) the first time I ever wrote it down; it is by now somehow---if perhaps only very absurdly---at least doubly or even exponentially moreso otherwise than the living actuality of Infinitism anymore (as if its own initial passage beyond itself might be repeated even once?). And as no other supplementary definitions of Infinitism have yet inspired themselves through me herein, it might be said that Infinitism therefore died at the very same instant it first came alive---in (and thus immediately out of) the above said section's (#1) single statement of definition.

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