Saturday, October 17, 2015

waY uP!!!!!!!!!!

of Maxwell Clark

"Waaaaay up!
Way up then!
Waaaaay up!
Stay up then!"


Inner light, extinguish thineself.
Outer chorus, uplift me.

Lift me up, oh,

Out so way-up-up-up high that, oh, oh, I transcend,
I transcendeth beyond any but the least few---the most alive.

Oh, then, likely nowise including you:

You, yes,

That monstrously greater part
Of my reception,

Whose inane butchery of my art
Be, to me, but the most ruthless deception.

My worst banes: your hyper-cancerous profusions, oh!

Oh how viciously stigmatic be now your normalcy!
Oh how eerily brutalizing also your eternal mediocrity!

And, oh! oh! how undead be thou swarm's serial massives!

You; oh, you are the greater logic
And the most common reason
And the purely-most spread of lights
Ever goading me again to self-murder,
To doom, to wanton terrors and ugliest horrors,

Undead thus also as to delights.


  1. Maxwell, this piece is so bad it's not worth my time to comment...however, I like your efforts and I admire your persistence, so: a. keep working! b. when you are bored and either drunk or zoned out, don't write and post. Despite Xanadu from Coleridge, I've not ever read any text worth re-reading following a downer. Sorry for such a negative note here, but...this piece wasted my time.

  2. Al: it may hurt to hear this, but, u are obviously one of those mediocrities which my poem admonishes so venomously. maybe the deceptively faint weakness of the last line caused u to forget the otherwise robust and hale character of what went before? in any case, quit ur moralistic judgments of my poesies. all they do is make u more inane and immemorial than before.

  3. Pulling oneself (not one's possessive self) inside out for the reader to engage with, done so rarely in postmodernist poetry, and most welcome to this reader who respects your methodology of glory, including delights. A whole new poetry here . . .