Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2 Poesies of Maxwell Clark

Urban Holiness

Never of glitch forward turns diagonal patterned elitist.
Pardon sugar quietude remnants spying oat-fields.
Hello warring relaxation despoiled of gutters in flight.
Instead eloping concretions undergone.
Piece-work stabbing bluish trinkets that cannot.
Mourning of shallow-end matches crinkles heart-shards.
Pleasure exits circular raincoats unto drum-kits.
Unbelievers prey the complex whorls that go.
Passing dimes untold for scenic hospitals ebullience.
Untoward declarations washing perfection deathly.
Reddened lineaments uncurl passive discomfort.
Colorless fractalizations window.
Mastery vomits flippant interiors foregone.
Checking oxen overtly warned for visions trashy.
Leafy bellies beside enclosed laughter horrendous.
Pleasing chemistry opens triangular aboriginals.
Forked treatise goes acute inner chairs.
Meadows dot musculatures frailty supreme.
Catatonic callings peck print obverse.
Do thereunto ashes wavy tidings.
Never undo pickling sands.
No cannot snake flickering rollerblades.
Pretend someone.
Inspire elephantine coruscations.
That meaning has.

Fuck My Name

                                     “Fuck my name,
                                                Who I be;
                                                Fuck the game,
                                                It’s all about the moneyyyyy...”

I do care so much.
Oh yes, about you though,
Much less me;
Me: only insofar
As I help you;


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